"Family companions where there is no substitute for quality."

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The dogs in Our Hav Family link, are our four-legged
family. Our families love of animals provided a perfect
activity our family was looking for to do together. We
started showing

and raising our limited litters as part of our family.
All of our puppies and dogs are raised in our home as a  
loving part of our family. Depending on the time of the  
year, they may go camping and may travel with us to see
our son on vacation.  Our puppies have excellent
temperaments,give plenty of kisses, and provide hours of

To make your babies  adjustment to your home easier, the
puppy comes with its own "suitcase" with things from
home.  Check out our available puppies page.
Our first Havanese and Champion,

                      Perfect Family Companions

          ---Loves to cuddle and get belly rubs
          ---Gives plenty of kisses
          ---Neck warmer
          ---Loves helping around house
          ---Sleeps all night for me
          ---Beginning crate training
          ---Beginning leash training
          ---Pottie training outside/inside
          ---Inquisitive and intelligent, learns fast
Cocoa, still loved but not forgotten.  Our lab who
thought she was a havanese mommy.  
Litter due around August 6, 2020.  Taking deposits.